• Size: 24.71M

    Updated: 2017-05-18

    Version: 3.9.4

    OS: 4.4

  • Bria Android Smartphone Edition is an award-winning SIP-based softphone – brought to you by CounterPath Corporation, the market leader of VoIP software products and solutions. IMPORTANT NOTE: Bria is a standalone softphone and not a VoIP service. A...
  • Offered By: CounterPath Corp
  • Email: mobilesupport@counterpath.com
  • Size: 3.46M

    Updated: 2017-05-16

    Version: 1.68

    OS: 2.3

  • Couple Tracker Pro is BEST AFFAIR AND CHEATING PREVENTION AND DETECTION MOBILE APPLICATION FOR PARTNERS, lovers and husbands ! • Mobile monitor app allows couples to monitor, share and exchange text messages (SMS), phone call history, history of GPS...
  • Offered By: BytePioneers s.r.o.
  • Email: contact@coupletracker.com
  • Size: 11.07M

    Updated: 2017-05-16

    Version: 1.54

    OS: 4.0

  • Mobile operators PRO at each call show the operator and the region of the interlocutor. Use the call blocker to automatically reject annoying calls from numbers from the black list (collectors, scammers, etc.). Useful statistics will show the style of...
  • Offered By: Gleb Zakaev
  • Email: zooz@bk.ru
  • Size: 13.28M

    Updated: 2017-05-16

    Version: 2.9.8

    OS: 4.1

  • FolderSync enables simple sync to cloud based storage to and from local folders on the device SD cards. It support a wide range of different cloud providers and file protocols, and support for more platforms are added continuously. Root file access...
  • Offered By: Tacit Dynamics
  • Email: support@tacit.dk
  • Size: 21.08M

    Updated: 2017-05-15

    Version: 3.14

    OS: 4.0

  • Threema is the world’s favorite secure messenger and keeps your data out of the hands of hackers, corporations and governments. Threema can be used completely anonymously, and offers a rich set of features. With Threema Web, you can also use Threema...
  • Offered By: Threema GmbH
  • Email: support@threema.ch
  • Size: 9.33M

    Updated: 2017-05-10

    Version: 4.66

    OS: 4.0.3

  • MailDroid is an Exchange/POP3/IMAP Idle Push mail client written from the ground up and and not based on the stock mail client. This is the Pro version of MailDroid and contains NO ads. The pro version does contain some extra features that are not...
  • Offered By: Flipdog Solutions, LLC
  • Email: maildroiddev@gmail.com
  • Size: 6.68M

    Updated: 2017-05-10

    Version: 1.18.4

    OS: 4.0

  • A free and open source Jabber/XMPP client for Android. Easy to use, reliable, battery friendly. With built-in support for images, group chats and e2e encryption. Design principles • Be as beautiful and easy to use as possible without sacrificing...
  • Offered By: Daniel Gultsch
  • Email: inputmice@siacs.eu
  • Size: 3.74M

    Updated: 2017-04-17

    Version: 7.9

    OS: 4.1

  • Your Facebook app should work for you. It should be light, functional and beautiful. It should look how you want it to be accessible everywhere, with lightning fast launch speeds. Metal Pro does this. And more. And now it supports Twitter, too. Two...
  • Offered By: Nam Nghiem Apps
  • Email: support@namnghiem.freshdesk.com
  • Size: 23.13M

    Updated: 2017-04-13


    OS: 4.0

  • With a client rebuild from scratch the programmers of TeamSpeak 3 close the gap and bring you the ultimate TeamSpeak feeling to your Android device. Many client and admin features have been implemented to give our users the best TeamSpeak experience ever.
  • Offered By: TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
  • Email: android@teamspeak.com
  • Size: 7.08M

    Updated: 2017-03-24

    Version: 6.5

    OS: 4.0

  • Call Recorder Pro (starting from ver 6.6) will no longer be updated by new functionality but will be working like a license activator to enable premium features for standard Free version. It still will be working as before, but without new features...
  • Offered By: C Mobile
  • Email: polis@clevermobile.net