• Size: 5.94M

    Updated: 2017-05-16

    Version: 1.0.4

    OS: 2.3

  • One of the most realistic OffRoad simulation game with HD Graphics and FreeRoam Mode for off-road lovers. Drive real offroad vehicles on challenging Desert terrains requires different offroad Techniques to complete Levels and Unlock Maps and Vehicles for.
  • Offered By: LogicMiracle
  • Email: logicmiracle@gmail.com
  • Size: 71.43M

    Updated: 2017-05-09

    Version: 1.10.3

    OS: 4.0

  • From humble backwater to medieval metropolis - build the city of YOUR dreams! Develop your tiny village to a grand medieval empire with a thriving economy and happy villagers! Find spots for mining ore, harvest the crops of your farms and collect coins..
  • Offered By: HandyGames
  • Email: support@handy-games.com
  • Size: 55.37M

    Updated: 2017-04-25

    Version: 1.1.0

    OS: 4.1

  • 始めにあなたに与えられるのは、小さなスキーホテル。 そして、一面まっしろの大きな雪山です。 さあ、大自然を切り開いて、すてきなスキー場を作っていきましょう。...
  • Offered By: Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
  • Email: support@kaipa.jp
  • Size: 92.64M

    Updated: 2017-04-20

    Version: 3.7.9

    OS: 4.0

  • Ad free Version of Train Sim The #1 Train Simulator with over 16M downloads! FEATURES -Awesomely realistic 3D graphics -48 realistic 3D Train Types -33 Train Car Types -8 realistic 3D environments -1 Kids Scene with Toy Trains -1 Underground...
  • Offered By: 3583 Bytes
  • Email: reachadam@ymail.com
  • Size: 81.42M

    Updated: 2017-04-19

    Version: 4.1.0

    OS: 4.0

  • “PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue” is your tiny pet simulation App with cute sheep, goats, squirrels, hamsters, guinea pigs, playful cats, sweet bunnies, a little pony, fascinating reptiles or cuddly dogs. Welcome to the 3D world of the Animal Rescue...
  • Offered By: Tivola
  • Email: apps@tivola.de
  • Size: 27.30M

    Updated: 2017-04-18

    Version: 1.0.101

    OS: 4.1

  • A Persistent Illusion starts off as a room-escape game, but evolves into something else as you start to challenge what you think you know about reality. A Google Cardboard viewer isn't necessary to play, but it is recommended. How to play:...
  • Offered By: Ryan up in here
  • Email: lawstryan@gmail.com
  • Size: 44.70M

    Updated: 2017-05-10

    Version: 2.4.0

    OS: 2.1

  • Recommended for larger screens (phablets) and tablets. Received an honorable mention from Indie Game Magazine for the 2013 Games of the Year awards! Includes 22 Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards! *** "4.5/5 - this PC to mobile port is...
  • Offered By: Vertigo Gaming
  • Email: support@vertigogaming.net
  • Size: 2.12M

    Updated: 2017-04-11

    Version: 1.74

    OS: 4.0.3

  • Take an extended flight with Airport Mania: First Flight XP! The XP stands for eXtended Play and that is the focus of this new (phone only!) edition of everyone's favorite airplane game. Airport Mania XP edition has several features not found in the.
  • Offered By: Lemon Team
  • Email: reflexive-android-support@amazon.com
  • Size: 27.91M

    Updated: 2017-04-06

    Version: 3.0

    OS: 2.3

  • With "Horse World 3D" you're immersed in the world of the equestrian center. Your own horse to groom and ride - anytime you want! You'll learn valuable things about caring for a horse, take lessons in the riding ring and master diverse..
  • Offered By: Tivola
  • Email: apps@tivola.de
  • Size: 23.03M

    Updated: 2017-04-04

    Version: 2.0

    OS: 4.0.3

  • The successor of the legendary Bridge Constructor! "Bridge Constructor Playground is even more fun than the prequel." – Chip.de "Bridge Constructor Playground convinces by a fresh look and a lot of fun for several hours." -...
  • Offered By: Headup Games
  • Email: support@headupgames.com