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  • Duel Quiz est un jeu social amusant qui te permet de défier tes amis et autres joueurs aléatoires en répondant à des questions de culture générale. Nouveau *NOUVELLE manière de jouer> Duel Quiz mode stratégique! - Un nouveau type de jeu! ...
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  • Have fun challenging your friends and enemies in the hottest trivia game! Let our friendly spinner wheel, Willy, select which questions you’ll answer from six different categories. Be the first to get the six crowns to win, but watch out for the...
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  • Quizduell ist ein intelligentes, farbenfrohes und unterhaltsames soziales Quiz, in dem du deine Freunde und andre Spieler zu einem Wissensduell herausforderst und dabei neue & spannende Fakten lernst! Quizduell 2.0 • NEUES Design > Frische...
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  • Test your knowledge with this demanding general knowledge trivia! The quiz offers thousands of questions, 5 different game modes, is frequently updated and can be played offline anytime. So you can play and learn whenever you like with this quiz!...
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  • The No. 1 trivia app celebrating 2 years in the Top Paid Charts! Join Alexander Armstrong and his Pointless Friend Richard Osman in your very own game of the smash-hit BBC One quiz show Pointless! + POINTLESS FUN Score as few points as possible by...
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  • Это полная версия игры "Грамотей!", в которой открыты все дополнения: тысячи слов, уровни сложности, полиглот, отключена реклама и и...
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  • Quizwanie to inteligentna, kolorowa i zabawna gra towarzyska, w której możesz rzucić wyzwanie swoim znajomym i losowym przeciwnikom. Graj w quiz, który jest pełen ciekawostek i poznaj wiele niesamowitych nowych faktów! *Nowości w 2015* Nowy...
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  • Gioca con l’app CADUTA LIBERA e… attento a non cadere! GIOCA COME NEL PROGRAMMA TV! Sfida uno ad uno i tuoi dieci avversari trovando tutte le definizioni che ti vengono richieste Se sarai più bravo di loro li vedrai cadere tutti nelle botole che...
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  • Playsoft, Endemol et Etf1 vous présentent le jeu mobile OFFICIEL du célèbre jeu télévisé « Money Drop ». Nouveauté 2015 : Un lingot d’or pour doubler vos gains en Finale ! Attention: Nous déconseillons de jouer au jeu sur des appareils de...
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  • If you rule the local pub on trivia night, or just dream of the day you will, Sporcle is the perfect app for you. This popular quiz game for Android has got all the bells and whistles. More importantly, it's got great quizzes! - A Quiz for Every...
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